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Castle Quarter Café – Terms & Conditions
  • Customers will be allocated a 90 min time slot. All food will be ordered, prepared, delivered and consumed within this time.
  • There will be a minimum required spend of £5/head.
  • Alcohol can only be ordered with the initial food order. There will be no option to order additional alcohol separately.
  • All containers, cutlery, drinkware etc must be made from compostable materials, excluding glass bottles which will be recycled. We can assist with sourcing if necessary.
  • All dishes must be clearly labelled on containers to be delivered.
  • Table numbers must be noted on all containers.
  • All allergy information must be clearly displayed on the App and any special requirements clearly labelled on containers to be delivered.
  • Orders will received by individual businesses and payment made in advance. Any issues related to the food supplied remain the responsibility of the individual business to resolve.
  • Individual businesses should be in possession of the appropriate license to serve alcohol.