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What is #giveDIFFerently?

Give DIFFerently is a partnership approach to tackling homelessness in Cardiff between FOR Cardiff and existing homeless organisations and charities.

People can donate directly to the Give DIFFerently Fund which is managed by Community Foundation Wales by clicking here or texting DIFF3 to 70331 to donate £3.

Charities and organisations apply for grants of up to £2,000 for essential items such as identification to open a bank account or vocational training to gain employment.

100% of all donations directly support people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

By donating to Give DIFFerently, you are helping local charities and organisations in Cardiff to support people in their journey away from homelessness.

How you are making a DIFFerence

Sally’s Story

Sally’s Story

Llamau received funding from Give DIFFerently to support Sally* in purchasing bus tickets. This will allow Sally to travel to their college where they are completing a course in Complimentary Therapies. After completing this course, Sally will have the necessary qualifications to enable them to work and become financially independent. This increased income will safeguard Sally and their young daughters' home. Thanks to your support, Sally is moving away from homelessness for good. *alternative names have been used to protect their identity

Ann’s Story

Ann’s Story

The Huggard Centre received funding from Give DIFFerently to support Ann* by purchasing second-hand furniture for their new accommodation. Without funding, Ann would be forced to give up their accommodation and return to homeless services as they are unable to live in this new accommodation with no bed, white goods or kitchen equipment. In the long run, Ann will be able to live a more stable life as they will no longer be bounced between various accommodations. Thanks to your donations, Ann is moving away from homelessness for good. *alternative names have been used to protect their identity

Jack’s Story

Jack’s Story

Following a relationship breakdown, Jack* became homeless for 3 months, sleeping on floor space and staying temporary accommodation. The Wallich received a £75 grant from Give DIFFerently to support Jack by purchasing documents of identification. Securing ID documents will allow Jack to apply for secure private rented accommodation. This is essential for establishing Jack back into the community and providing a safe space where their daughter can visit. Thanks to your donations, Jack is moving away from homelessness for good. *alternative names have been used to protect their identity

Mark’s Story

Mark’s Story

Following a breakdown in family relations, Mark* was homeless for 3 months, sleeping on floor space and staying in temporary accommodation. He was referred to The Wallich who was able to rehouse him. Mark is engaging with support services and managing his tenancy well, despite lacking some essential provisions and furniture for the house. The Wallich received a Give DIFFerently grant to purchase a gas cooker for Mark's house. This gas cooker allows Mark to cook for his daughter, instead of relying on costly microwave meals. It not only saves Mark a lot of money but it also allows him to become self-reliant and live comfortably in his new home. Thanks to your donations, Mark is moving away from homelessness for good. *alternative names have been used to protect their identity

Keeping up with the news

The small things making a big difference for Cardiff’s homeless

The small things making a big difference for Cardiff’s homeless

City’s new digital giving points set to help make donating quick and easy. A cooker, a bike, a passport, and a new suit. Relatively small value items can make a big difference to the life of someone experiencing homelessness. This St David’s Day sees the launch of the Small Things Make a Big DIFFerence campaign, with the opening of six new donation points across Cardiff city centre to help tackle homelessness in the Welsh capital. The campaign is part of the relaunch of Give DIFFerently’s partnership approach to tackling homelessness in Cardiff between FOR Cardiff and existing homeless charities and organisations. First launched in 2018, Give DIFFerently has since raised over £12,000 and issued 32 grants to Cardiff based organisations and charities working with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Six new donation points across Cardiff city centre will allow people to use their smartphones to scan a QR…

FOR Cardiff launches homeless charter

Today (Thursday 26th September), FOR Cardiff has launched Cardiff’s Homeless Charter to unite people, businesses, schools and universities to tackle homelessness in Cardiff together. Co-created with homeless organisations, it will provide other alternative ways to give through time, employment, skills and services to help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Pledges can be made through the Give DIFFerently website. Businesses, such as Neal’s Yard, The Greenery and Jones the Barber have already come forward to offer a range of pledges such as offering community time to help people integrate into society, chef training to improve their employability and free haircuts to build confidence. Delyth Griffiths, owner of The Greenery in Cardiff Market, who experienced homelessness when she was 15 said, “I’ve been through my own struggle with homelessness and it can feel like the world is against you. It only took one person to help me get back on…

Card it FOR Cardiff

Over the last three weeks in March, donations for the Give DIFFerently campaign were collected via contactless technology at our interactive display in Cardiff city centre. For every tap at the contactless pay point, £2 will be put towards small grants for those who are currently experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Thanks to the Four Acre Trust, your £2 will become £4, doubling your donation.


Is Give DIFFerently a charity?

No, Give DIFFerently is a fundraising campaign that unites homeless charities and organisations already established across Cardiff.

It increases the amount of funding available to charities and organisations so that they can support people through small grants of up to £2,000 that are spent on essentials that will aid a person’s personal development plan – the aim is to provide individual solutions to individual issues.

Organisations and charities apply for funding through Community Foundation Wales who manages the allocation of all grants.

How can donating make a difference?

Your donations make a huge difference to the lives of those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

From grants as little as £25 to purchase ID to larger sums of up to £2,000 to fund vocational training courses, your support helps to change people's lives and reduce homelessness in Cardiff.

Click here to find out how your donations have changed lives. We are busy gathering more news stories on how your donations have helped, so please check back soon!

Do all donations go directly to supporting people at risk or experiencing homelessness?

Give DIFFerently is committed to making sure donations made by the general public go directly to supporting people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

This includes the cost of making sure the grants are allocated to the right people at the right time and that they are properly monitored. In this case, 10% of donations go to Community Foundation Wales to cover administration costs of managing the fund.

An additional 10% of all donations is ring-fenced for organisations working with those at risk of Adverse Childhood Experiences to prevent the next generation from becoming homeless or having to resort to street-based activities such as begging.

FOR Cardiff, the Business Improvement District for Cardiff city centre has committed to covering marketing costs associated with fundraising campaigns.

How are donations allocated?

Charities and organisations can apply for grants of up to £2,000 for individuals and applications are assessed by Community Foundation Wales's professional grant-making team.

Examples of potentially successful applications could include:

  • Photographic ID in the form of a provisional/full driving license or a passport, to enable the opening of a bank account etc.
  • Appropriate clothing for interviews and/or employment
  • A bike to get to a new job
  • Training/course fees
  • Transport costs to vital appointments
  • Furniture/household items for a rough sleeper who has moved into a tenancy
  • Counselling
  • Work materials/equipment

Once awarded, grants are handled and monitored by the organisations – cash will never be given directly to the service user – and proof of purchase is required.

How can charities or organisations apply for funding?

Application for grants are now open via https://communityfoundationwales.org.uk/

Charities or organisations working in Cardiff with those that are homeless or at risk of homelessness can apply for a grant of £2,000 to support the needs of the individuals they work with.

Grants applications will take a maximum of 10 working days from application to decision.  All recommends to fund are approved by the Board of Trustees at Community Foundation Wales.

Process times of payment to successful applicants are subject to the timely return of the offer letter and signature of the Terms and Conditions (T&C), but funding is usually received within a week max, of receipt of the signed T&C document.

Following a successful offer, it is up to the organisation to identify individuals that will most benefit from funding. Groups will be expected to maintain accurate records of the grants awarded and will be required to report back on the spend.

How can my business support Give DIFFerently?

Businesses based in Cardiff city centre can support Give DIFFerently by hosting a donation point. We can create and design a donation point for any window space, wall space or counter-top space.  Please email info@forcardiff.com to find out more and discuss.