Tom’s story

Tom* became homeless in 2014 following a breakdown in his relationship with his partner. In September 2018, he was awarded our top grant of £750 to buy the necessary equipment to help him start up a business again.

Before becoming homeless Tom operated a well-established construction and building company that he had built from the ground up.

A change in personal circumstance and relationship breakdowns had a detrimental effect on his general health and wellbeing.

With his self-esteem at an all-time low, his business broke down and he found himself in need of relying on a sickness benefit and frontline homeless services to support himself.

He moved into a hostel and then onto Huggard Supported Housing where he was told about the Give DIFFerently fund.

The grant has helped Tom to purchase equipment to help start up his business in the local community.

This will help him to move away from relying on benefits and become more financially independent. Rebuilding his business has given him a great sense of purpose and he hopes to give back to the community by hiring people from the local area.

*name has been changed