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Tackling homelessness together

Our charter has been co-created by homeless organisations to unite people, businesses, schools and universities, anyone who shares in our mission – to tackle homelessness in Cardiff.

Read our charter and pledge your support to help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness
overcome their challenges.

Cardiff’s Homeless Charter

We believe…

…everyone who is homeless should have a right to:

  • Support to create a good quality of life
  • Safe and secure accommodation
  • The full protection of the law
  • Respect and a good standard of service
  • Equality of access to information and services
  • Equality of opportunity to employment, training, volunteering, leisure and creative activities

…those who work with homeless people have a collective responsibility to ensure that:

  • All provision is focussed on both enabling change and meeting immediate needs, with a focus on helping people break a cycle of homelessness
  • Good communication, coordination and a consistent strategic approach is delivered across all services
  • People with experience of homelessness have a voice and involvement in determining the solutions to their own issues, to homelessness, and to problems faced by wider society

…the wider community of Cardiff should:

  • Treat people experiencing or at risk of homelessness with dignity and respect
  • Empathise with people with complex lives who face real difficulties escaping homelessness and its effects
  • Support and promote services that help people tackle homelessness within Cardiff
  • Avoid actions that may entrench homelessness
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