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City of Arcades Day – 16th November
<< Back Posted on 3rd October 2019

By Carolyn Brownell

City of Arcades Day – 16th November


City of Arcades Day will be a celebration of the seven arcades and independent businesses, featuring offers, events, live music and installations. The aim will be to drive visitors to the city to explore what the arcades have to offer alongside the surrounding shops, cafes and bars.

The activity will be supported by a dedicated page on the City of Arcades website, a business toolkit to include posters, leaflets and social posts and branded merchandise. The day will be promoted through Cardiff across bus rears and digital ads, print advertising, online advertising, social content and media relations. All digital activity will be bilingual.

Benefits of getting involved:

  •  All activity will be driving more visitors to the arcades and into your business
  • We will be promoting the day through outdoor, online, radio and print advertising
  • We expect the campaign to reach a minimum of 1 million people
  • We will also promote specific offers and events through our social channels and on the website
  • We will be supplying all businesses that get involved in the day with a posters, a branded City of Arcades t-shirt for staff and City of Arcades branded jute bags and button badges to hand out to customers
 What we need from you: 
  • Confirmation of an offer, deal or event you will be doing on November 16th so we can include it in our listings
  • Ideas for specific night-time events that we can support
If you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions, please contact