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Representing Cardiff city centre businesses through the delivery of projects and campaigns that enhance the experience of Wales’ capital. Read about the initiatives that fall under our 5 part business strategy.


Place Management

FOR Cardiff has a place management strategy with safety and partnership at its core. This data-driven approach goes beyond aesthetics. Green spaces, seamless transport, and environmental consciousness are integrated to create a vibrant experience for everyone. Strong partnerships with public and private entities ensure safety through initiatives like crime prevention, fostering a thriving community where everyone feels comfortable. Cardiff isn’t just aiming to be a leading Welsh destination, it’s becoming a dynamic, sustainable hub where safety and collaboration are cornerstones. This strategy positions Cardiff for long-term growth and solidifies its status as a premier Welsh destination built on teamwork and security.

Place Marketing

FOR Cardiff aims to present Cardiff city centre as a premier Welsh destination for tourism, business, and residents. By leveraging data led decision making and event / project planning we can highlight a robust infrastructure, and rich history to attract high-calibre tourists, cultivate a thriving business ecosystem, and enrich the lives of residents. Through consistent brand messaging and targeted marketing, we aim to elevate Cardiff’s national and international profile, drive economic prosperity, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of life within Cardiff’s dynamic and ever-evolving city centre. This proactive strategy positions Cardiff for exciting growth and solidifies its status as a leading light in Wales.