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Partnership Working
<< Back Posted on 13th December 2021

By Carolyn Brownell

Partnership Working

Project Lead: Adrian Field  

Cardiff is at a pivotal moment that will define its future fortunes. Numbers of empty commercial units have increased, the challenges from Brexit continue to evolve, and competition from neighbouring cities is mounting. We need to build a more sustainable, diverse, and successful city that attracts growth of new companies and investment.

FOR Cardiff will maintain close partnerships with Cardiff Council and Welsh Government, to collaborate on sharing communications with our members.  We will critically analyse opportunities for financial investment in projects which will ensure Cardiff’s success for example the Transforming Towns fund.

In addition, we will continue to create our own reactive working groups, to bring together key stakeholders. An example is our commercial property group, who will address the challenges emerging from the increasing empty office space and the collapse of major chains, such as Debenhams.


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Student Retention and Development
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Free member training
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Cardiff Against Business Crime (CABC)
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The Business Engagement Team
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Best Bar None
The Best Bar None accreditation scheme, supported by the Home Office and drinks industry, aims to improve standards in the evening and nighttime economy. We will continue to provide these assessments and templates at no cost…
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Purple Flag
Project Lead: Ian Tumelty The Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) Purple Flag accreditation has been awarded to Cardiff for the last 3 years. Due to our exemplary partnership working and annual commitment to improving…
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Night Marshals
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The Cleansing Team
Project Lead: Nia Wood-Gaiger FOR Cardiff fund a Cleansing Team to jet-wash, remove gum and remove graffiti across Cardiff city centre. We believe that the look and feel of a location is critical to customer experience,…