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City Ambition Fund
<< Back Posted on 13th December 2021
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By Emily Cotterill

Head of Projects and Engagement

City Ambition Fund

Project Lead: Emily Cotterill

Got an idea to address a burning Cardiff conundrum? Want to transform a drab courtyard with a beautiful living wall? Looking to supercharge cycling in the city? Have you reimagined the business district in the era of working from home?

FOR Cardiff has a bold vision of a city transformed over the next five years and we have grants and investment opportunities of up to £5,000 available to support projects which will help Cardiff meet the challenges of the modern age.

We will allocate funding in line with the aims of the FOR Cardiff 2021- 2026 business plan which covers everything from keeping the city clean, to supporting arts and culture, and helping businesses become more sustainable. In particular we are looking to fund projects which will:

• Directly impact multiple business’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic
• Help Cardiff businesses transition to the green economy
• Help the central Cardiff economy adapt to the hybrid working model
• Position the city centre as a leisure and culture destination of choice, making the city fun, open, and accessible
• Centre equality, diversity, and inclusion in the Cardiff business community
• Improve the public environment of Cardiff

We also want to use the City Ambition Fund to tell the story of organisations working to create a bright future for Cardiff. Successful applicants to the fund will not just receive funding from FOR Cardiff but will also be actively promoted to our broad business and consumer audience as key partners in the development of Cardiff.
By positioning your project in front of whole new audiences, and opening up a wide range of opportunities, we hope to help ambitious projects develop beyond the scope of the financial support on offer.

The City Ambition Fund has been established to support new and emerging projects and cannot be used to fund ongoing work or replace withdrawn funding from other sources.
For an informal chat about your proposed project please email Head of Projects & Engagement Emily Cotterill at emily@forcardiff.com

Download your application form and supporting documents here:

City Ambition Fund Application Form

City Ambition Fund Equality and diversity form

City Ambition Fund Terms and Conditions

City Ambition Fund Scoring Matrix

Please submit your completed application and equality and diversity monitoring form to emily@forcardiff.com by 5.30pm on Friday May 27th.