Providing Identification


Something as simple as owning a form of I.D can be a crucial step in escaping homelessness permanently. Driving licences, passports and birth certificates are easily lost or stolen when someone is sleeping rough and are extremely difficult to replace without a permanent address.

Give DIFFerently supports access to I.D for people experiencing homelessness in Cardiff and has already provided four forms of identification to those who were struggling without it.

Owning a form of identification allows access to crucial government services that we’re all entitled to. It’s needed to get a job, open a bank account, receive benefits and secure affordable housing. Without these vital services, breaking away from homelessness is almost impossible.

The main barrier to obtaining I.D for a person experiencing homelessness can be a lack of money. The average cost of a driving license in the UK is £34-£43, depending on whether you apply online or via post. Giving cash to rough sleepers on the street means they have to make a choice between saving money for a license or providing their basic daily needs of food and shelter.