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Pwsh Update
<< Back Posted on 5th November 2021

By Carolyn Brownell

Pwsh Update

Following the devastating accidental error where the works of artists Beth Blandford, Amber Forde and Temeka Davies were removed a few weeks ago FOR Cardiff & PWSH have agreed that FOR Cardiff will fully fund the artists to create three new pieces of art in new locations in Cardiff city centre in spring 2022.

FOR Cardiff will also be releasing a public statement of their values that will inform their five year commitment to the arts, its transformational role in regenerating urban spaces and stimulating cultural discussion. It will be based around learns from the PWSH project and discussion with the wider creative community, the aspirations for Cardiff’s public arts scene and championing local artists.

FOR Cardiff want to again send their heartfelt apologies to the enormously talented Beth, Amber and Temeka but are looking forward to once again seeing more of their beautiful creations in the city centre.

Rachel Kinchin from PWSH ”We were obviously absolutely devastated about Temeka, Amber and Beth’s work being wrongfully removed from the columns outside Minsky’s. We have been liaising with FOR Cardiff about receiving further funding to create new work from the artists within our city centre and we are excited and optimistic about the next installation in spring 2022.