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FOR Cardiff was voted in by our business members in June 2016 and we began our first five-year term in December 2016.

From October 2020 – March 2021 we embarked on our consultation period, including focus groups, surveys, bookable 1 to 1s and mailouts. In addition, we launched a consultation document, ‘Exploring the Future FOR Cardiff’ which summarised our proposed projects for our second term. During this time, we met with hundreds of our members, wrote to every business and extensively shared our exciting plans via our e-news and social media. We then collated all of the data and used it to shape our plans for 2021-26.

Delivering the future FOR Cardiff Business Plan 2021-26 launches on the 12 May. This ambitious plan is what we’ll be asking you to base your vote on during the month-long postal ballot this June. Consequently, it is essential that all members read this document to understand why you need to vote yes for another five years of investment and progress with FOR Cardiff.

If you’re a FOR Cardiff member and you want to feedback or discuss our exciting plans please book your one to one today and we’ll arrange a meeting with the senior management team.

Etholwyd FOR Cardiff gan ein haelodau busnes ym mis Mehefin 2016 a dechreuwyd ein tymor cyntaf o bum mlynedd ym mis Rhagfyr 2016.

Rhwng Hydref 2020 – Mawrth 2021 cychwynnodd ein cyfnod ymgynghori, gan gynnwys grwpiau ffocws, arolygon, sesiynau un i un y gellir eu harchebu a llythyrau. Yn ogystal â hyn, lansiwyd dogfen ymgynghori, ‘Ystyried Dyfodol FOR Cardiff’ a oedd yn crynhoi ein prosiectau arfaethedig ar gyfer ein hail dymor. Yn ystod y cyfnod hwn, bu cyfle i gyfarfod cannoedd o’n haelodau, ysgrifennu at bob busnes a rhannu ein cynlluniau cyffrous yn eang trwy ein e-newyddion a’n cyfryngau cymdeithasol. Yna aethom ati i gasglu’r holl ddata a’i ddefnyddio i lunio ein cynlluniau ar gyfer 2021-26.

Bydd Cyflawni Cynllun Busnes FOR Cardiff yn y dyfodol 2021-26 yn cael ei lansio ar 12 Mai. Y cynllun uchelgeisiol hwn yw’r sail y byddwn yn gofyn i chi bleidleisio arno pan fydd cyfle i chi fwrw eich pleidlais drwy’r post. O ganlyniad, mae’n hanfodol bod pob aelod yn darllen y ddogfen hon i ddeall pam fod angen i chi bleidleisio dros bum mlynedd arall o fuddsoddi a symud ymlaen gyda FOR Cardiff.

Os ydych chi’n aelod o FOR Cardiff a’ch bod am roi adborth neu drafod ein cynlluniau cyffrous, archebwch sesiwn un i un heddiw a byddwn yn trefnu cyfarfod gyda’r uwch dîm rheoli.

Consultation Phase BID2

As the BID for the Capital City of Wales, we’re very proud of the work we have done in our first term and we hope our members will continue to allow us to carry on this and other important work at a time when Cardiff City Centre is set to rejuvenate itself and thrive for both residents and businesses.

In order to understand what our members want to see from our second term we have carried out an extensive consultation process from 1st October 2020 to the 12th March 2021. This included:

  • BID 2 Forum and Association Briefings
  • BID 2 Member Survey – Launched 16th December and closed 12th March. This was promoted via our dedicated business engagement team, social media and our e-news.
  • BID 2 Sector Meetings
  • BID 2 Community Survey – Externally commissioned to ensure inclusivity & breadth of response and demographic.
  • BID 2 Focus Groups – Independently managed to ensure transparency from attendees
  • Dedicated English and Welsh Consultation document outlining our proposed plans – Launched 19th January
  • Hundreds of 1 to 1 meetings with members
  • Bookable 1 to 1 meetings option available on our website
  • Dedicated BID2 ballot pages on the website
  • Key stakeholder engagement to extend reach such as Chamber Wales, FSB, and Welsh Retail Consortium
  • Letters were sent to every single member business to encourage them to have their voice heard and engage in the consultation period
  • Extensive social media content to encourage member engagement with the consultation stage of the ballot.
  • Regular e-news sent to over 6000-member business employees asking for them to get in touch to arrange consultation meetings.

We also took part in Welsh Government and British BIDs ballot training to make sure we were up to date on BID ballot matters. We sought feedback from national organisations, including British BIDs and The BID Foundation, which work closely with national chain head offices.

On the 12th May our 2021-26 Business was launched via our website and social media, as well as being sent to every business. Welsh versions of this document are available on the website.

Ballot Timeline For your 2021 diary

NOTICE OF BALLOT: May 20th 2021

Downloads BID2 Documents

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to vote for FOR Cardiff

  1. You should receive one ballot paper for each property (hereditament) that you are eligible to vote for by post. If you do not receive your ballot paper, please email
  2. Please check that each ballot paper has its own return envelope.
  3. Complete the ballot paper by putting a cross (X) beside your choice to retain the FOR Cardiff for another five-year term or not.
  4. In block capitals, write your name and position in your business, and sign your ballot paper.
  5. Each ballot paper must be returned in its own separate envelope. Please do not put multiple papers in one envelope.
  6. The BID arrangements outlined in the business plan will come into force if the following two criteria are met: more than 50% of hereditaments that vote cast that vote in favour; and that total rateable value of the hereditaments that vote in favour is over 50%
  7. Return your completed ballot paper(s) by post, in the pre-paid envelope provided.