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Advice and Guidance on the Single-Use Plastic Ban: Event Recap
<< Back Posted on 29th January 2024

By Abbie Dix

Advice and Guidance on the Single-Use Plastic Ban: Event Recap

Last year Wales made a significant step towards a more sustainable future by launching Phase 1 of the Single-Use Plastic Ban. The ban impacts all businesses and organisations in Wales, urging them to make the switch to eco-friendly alternatives.

Ahead of the busy Six Nations, we offered businesses free advice and guidance on implementing the ban at Pettigrew Tearooms. Lots of great discussions were had, and lots of delicious pastries were eaten. If you were unable to attend the event or would appreciate a recap of our discussions, we have put together this summary just for you.

A Case Study in Sustainable Practices: Pettigrew Tearooms

Pettigrew have been championing sustainability since they first opened back in 2012 and are a great example of a business committing to eco-alternatives. Owner, David Le Masurier gave us the run-down on some of the choices they have made to champion sustainability.

In response to the take-away nature of their Castle Arcade bakery, Pettigrew consciously decided to present their products in environmentally friendly, compostable packaging. The packaging is clearly labelled to guide customers on proper disposal methods. David highlighted the importance of transparency with customers, fostering a relationship built on trust, especially in a world where greenwashing is prevalent. Pettigrew actively invites customers to contribute ideas, recognising the collaborative effort required to enhance their sustainable practices.

Acknowledging that certain sustainable choices may impact profitability, Pettigrew has remained steadfast in their decision to abstain from selling plastic water bottles. Despite the location of their Bute Park tearooms, along a busy public footpath, they opted for glass bottles until the emergence of canned water—an infinitely recyclable alternative that aligns with their commitment to reducing single-use plastics.

Pettigrew actively collaborates with other independent businesses in Cardiff, sharing ingredients and cutting waste from the supply chain. They supply Uncommon Ground with sourdough bread in exchange for coffee beans, delivered in reusable containers. Emphasising the significance of supporting local businesses for fresh produce, Pettigrew goes the extra mile by sourcing salad directly from Bute Park, delivered sustainably via bicycle.

In essence, Pettigrew not only prioritizes sustainability within their operations but also promotes a holistic approach by involving and inspiring their community to join the journey toward a more eco-conscious future.

Supporting Disabled Customers Post-Single Use Plastic Ban

Plastic straws are often used as a medical tool by people who have difficulty eating or drinking and, when the ban was announced, many people reached out to Disability Wales concerned that they would experience more barriers as a result. Disability Wales successfully argued that there should not be a full ban on the straws, and that hospitality venues should still be able to stock them for those who require their use.

Plastic straws, stirrers and cotton bud ban delayed

Their recommendations to businesses are:

  • Have some straws in case they are needed
  • Ensure all staff are trained in disability, equality and awareness
  • Be aware of anywhere local that stocks straws in case of need
  • Keep yourselves and staff informed of the legislation as it develops
  • Be flexible and understanding of the part we all play to remove the barriers faced by disabled peopled so that the spaces and communities small businesses create can be inclusive to all.

Get Involved: Food Cardiff’s bid to make Cardiff one of the most sustainable food places in the UK

Food Cardiff is a city-wide partnership which acts as a hub for connecting the people and projects working to promote healthy, environmentally sustainable and ethical food across the city.

Cardiff currently holds silver in the national Sustainable Food Places scheme, and Food Cardiff are leading a bid to reach gold – which would make Cardiff one of the most sustainable food places in the UK. To do this, they are urging businesses to take action; they have a handy toolkit available to businesses which explains more, and cutting single-use plastics is one of the pledges businesses can take as part of the campaign.

Access sustainability resources, share best practice, and advertise unwanted office furniture/ equipment on the FOR Cardiff Sustainability Hub.

Email if you would like to find out more about FOR Cardiff’s sustainability goals and sign-up to our newsletter to stay updated on our sustainability projects.