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Internship Blog Series: Financial Administration at The Wallich
<< Back Posted on 29th December 2023

By Abbie Dix

Internship Blog Series: Financial Administration at The Wallich

FOR Cardiff and Cardiff University’s Student Futures team have collaborated to create an internship program that aims to strengthen the connection between the university and local businesses. This initiative offers subsidized paid internships to Cardiff University students at FOR Cardiff member organizations.

As our 2023 interns approach the conclusion of their placements, we are eager to delve deeper into their experiences. In this blog series, you can explore the journeys of our interns within their respective organizations and discover how they intend to use this valuable experience to advance their careers.

Financial Administration at The Wallich

Going into my final year, I started to feel a bit concerned about what would come next after graduating. Aside from a brief two-day work experience at the age of 16, I lacked the relevant background, which contributed to my sense of uncertainty. Due to this, I decided to apply for an internship through the university, which I happily managed to secure.

My internship was with The Wallich charity, doing financial administration. Since financial administration was unfamiliar to me, I felt notably anxious before my initial day. However, my colleagues proved to be incredibly supportive and approachable, allowing me to quickly find my footing. I had the opportunity to experience both office-based and remote work, adhering to a 9-5 schedule, which was a novel experience for me. Throughout the following four weeks, I continued to excel in my performance, ultimately resulting in an extension of the duration of my internship.

I am immensely grateful for the chance I had to undertake an internship through FOR Cardiff. This experience not only enhances my CV but has also equipped me with a multitude of valuable skills, including; a heightened attention to detail, proficient organisational skills, software proficiency, effective communication abilities, adept time management, and collaborative teamwork. These skills not only contribute to my proficiency in financial administration but also have broader applications across various professional contexts.

I’ve immensely appreciated my internship experience and can envision a potential future in administration. Working with The Wallich has been a delight; their warm reception and unwavering support during my learning phase were truly commendable, even in light of the errors I made. I am also deeply grateful for the funding provided by FOR Cardiff, as it’s thanks to their support that enabled me to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.