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Volunteering: The Business Benefits and How to Get Involved
<< Back Posted on 6th December 2023

By Abbie Dix

Volunteering: The Business Benefits and How to Get Involved

Did you know that 53% of under-35s and 60% of 18-24-year-olds would like to see more volunteering opportunities in the workplace? The younger workforce – Generation Z and millennials – are eager for employers to create work environments that empower them to actively contribute to their communities.

Aside from being great for charitable causes and local communities, companies that offer paid-time off for volunteering will see significant business benefits. Lets delve into this a bit further…

The Benefits

Enhanced work ethic: In the UK, 36% of people said they would work harder if their company had a positive impact on society. According to research, volunteering boosts employees’ sense of purpose, resulting in a workplace engagement level four times higher than those who lack a sense of purpose in their job.

Stronger, more connected teams: Working together on a common goal, especially for charity or a community project, helps employees to bond and support each other. This teamwork spirit is carried over to the workplace, renewing their commitment to each other.

Happier, healthier staff: Research shows that a significant 80% of employees feel happier when they engage in volunteering activities, leading to increased satisfaction, motivation, and higher staff morale.

Now that you know the benefits, take a look at the fantastic range of volunteering opportunities available in Cardiff.

Environmental Volunteering Opportunities

Bute Park

Contact Bute Park if you are looking for opportunities for your company. They regularly work with volunteers from a number of organisations and can help you organise opportunities to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility targets, including conservation tasks and litter picking.

Coed Caerydd

Coed Caerdydd aim to increase Cardiff’s tree canopy from 18.9% to 25% as part of One Planet Cardiff. If you’d like to get involved, please join their mailing list and social media to be kept informed of tree planting and other volunteering opportunities. Follow their Eventbrite to join upcoming events. Send a request to join their mailing list:

Like and follow their Facebook page and join their group. Follow them on Twitter: @coedcaerdydd

Love Where you Live / Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council’s Love Where You Live Campaign is all about cleaning up the streets and communities in Cardiff. Whether it’s joining a group litter pick, or doing a bit of urban gardening – it all adds up and makes a big difference to where you live.

Animal Focused Volunteering Opportunities

Forest Farm

Although Forest Farm is owned and run by Cardiff Council, volunteers from the Friends and other groups perform a wide variety of important tasks, many of which wouldn’t otherwise get done.

Amelia Trust Farm

With such a big site and such a small team of staff, Amelia Trust Farm welcome corporate groups of volunteers who can dedicate several hours (or even a full day!) to helping them take care of their lovely countryside sanctuary.

Wellbeing Volunteering Opportunities and Supporting Charities


FareShare offer a unique team volunteering experience. These days are fun, physical and let you gain an insight on the world of food surplus and food poverty in South Wales.

City Hospice 

Help Cardiff’s local hospice by giving your time and energy to make a difference.

Cancer Research

Cancer Research superstores are capable of hosting up to 20 corporate partner employees for a full or half day of volunteering. Volunteers can be split into teams and compete against each other in various in-store and out of store activities.

Skills and Volunteering Cymru

Skills and Volunteering Cymru believe in giving communities in South Wales the opportunity to give a little, and gain a lot. They are a volunteer-led charity offering volunteering opportunities in Cardiff including: Befriending, Laugh Out Loud Fridays Lead Volunteer, and Gardening Volunteer at The Secret Garden.

Get involved today!

With the urgency of the cost-of-living crisis and the pressing reality of the climate emergency, there’s no time like the present to engage in volunteering and make a positive impact.

Participating in volunteering initiatives not only directly benefits your local community, but also elevates your employees’ sense of purpose, fosters teamwork, and strengthens their work ethic. It’s a win-win that goes beyond the immediate impact, contributing to a more fulfilling and cohesive work environment.