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Call for expressions of interest: Safe Places
<< Back Posted on 18th March 2021

By Carolyn Brownell

Call for expressions of interest: Safe Places

It would have been impossible for any of you to not see the tragic event last week with the Sarah Everard’s abduction and murder. Regardless of gender the ripple effect of this has been huge with causes such as ‘Reclaim our streets’ seeing thousands of people lighting candles on Saturday night both in Sarah’s memory but also in protest of wider issues within society of the ill treatment and harassment of people, predominately women, that happen, and often go unreported.

We support and welcome the statement made by The Angel Hotel who have publicly proclaimed themselves to be a safe place for people to come if they are frightened or vulnerable. We have also received multiple calls from other businesses who want to declare the same message.

We are in the process of working on a campaign and business support to assure visitors, workers, or residents of Cardiff that we are doing everything we can do make Cardiff as safe as possible and where there are numerous places people can go if they need help regardless of the time of day. We are not in a position to go into detail yet but initially we would like to hear from any business (not just FOR Cardiff members) if you would like to be involved in this campaign and also any initiatives you might already have in place, and share those details. If so, please email with your name. contact details and business name and we’ll be in touch.