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Cost Savings for your Business
<< Back Posted on 21st April 2020
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By Carolyn Brownell

Cost Savings for your Business

We are using the collective power of FOR Cardiff ’s 700 members to reduce business running costs and have partnered with cost savings experts Meercat. Our cost saving service is FREE and can save you time and money on energy, telecoms and much more.

There is no obligation and no hassle. Meercat’s team manage all supplier relationships, saving you time and avoiding costly mistakes. The best savings are achieved and renewals are never missed.

This service is free to FOR Cardiff members and no commission is earned on the service, so all the financial savings found are yours. To find out more download the brochure here.

The team will be visiting Cardiff on the 31st July, to start the process we simply arrange a meeting or call with you and Meercat. They will review your bills and update you on any savings identified. If you would like to progress with a saving, Meercat will help manage the termination process and set up new contracts for you.