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Equal Pay Day 2021 – Reporting on our Gender Pay Gap
<< Back Posted on 18th November 2021

By Emma O'Donnell

Marketing and Events Manager

Equal Pay Day 2021 – Reporting on our Gender Pay Gap

Today (18th November) is equal pay day – the day when on average women begin to functionally work for free due to the gender pay gap.

FOR Cardiff have committed in our five year business plan to making Cardiff an Equality City and we recognise that a part of this work is to address equalities issues within our own business.

We have calculated our own gender pay gap within the organisation and are pleased to report that using a snapshot date of 1st December 2021 our gender pay gap will stand at -1.8%. A negative figure shows that on average women in the organisation are more highly paid than men.

Whilst there is no statutory duty for SMEs to report their gender pay gap information we believe that doing so is an important part of the conversation around pay inequality and would encourage any other Cardiff business to do the same.

Adrian Field Executive Director of FOR Cardiff says:

I’m pleased to see that our figures confirm FOR Cardiff’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace. FOR Cardiff has recently undergone a restructuring process which saw members of the team take on increased responsibilities, as it happened several of the promoted members of the team were female and this progression is what will have pushed a marginal gap in favour of men to the other direction.

As we launch our new stream of equalities driven work we remain committed to best practice internally and will continue to monitor metrics such as these.

We’re also pleased to support the #EndSalaryHistory campaign and have committed to not asking for salary history when recruiting.