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bigmoose run 4 good
12 May 2022
Things to Do
18:30 - 22:00
Havannah St, Cardiff
CF10 5SD
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bigmoose run 4 good

run 4 good is the inaugural running event that bigmoose are hosting at st davids hotel on thursday 12th may for runners and non-runners alike to use running for good. Whether you’ve never run before, or you are looking to up your running game, we guarantee our speakers will inspire you.

bigmoose is raising £1 million this year for mental health therapy and training, and the evening will have messages from speakers on how running can help with your mental health, and some quite emotional stories, that we know will inspire you.

Speaker include:

  • lowri morgan – ultra runner, adventurer & tv presenter
  • rhys jenkins – ultra runner & founder of pegasus ultra running
  • lewis robling – ultra runner & mental health advocate
  • hannah philips – mum of 3, runner & mental health advocate
  • jimmy watkins – founder of running punks
  • bev logan – founder of badass mother runners
  • aj and nia – she runs cardiff

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