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Cardiff University Half Marathon
27 March 2022
Cardiff University Half Marathon

The next edition of the Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 27 March 2022 (rescheduled from October 2020).

General entries sold out at record pace, just 3 months after going on sale. You can however still secure a space for March 2022 in the race via a Welsh Distance Double ticket or one of our Official Charities who have guaranteed entries available.

A race will take place in October as usual in 2022 on Sunday 2 October, and will be a part of the SuperHalfs (the launch of the series has been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic). General entries will open after the rescheduled 2020 event in March, but charity and Welsh Distance Double tickets are available now. You can pre-register now and be notified when entries go on sale.