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FOR Cardiff Sustainable Swap Shop
29 September 2023
Things to Do
FOR Cardiff Sustainable Swap Shop

As summer comes to an end, declutter your wardrobe without cluttering up the environment.

FOR Cardiff Swap Shop will offer a sustainable way to update wardrobes while keeping costs down. Swapping or donating clothing reduces waste, which helps minimise the impact on the environment, all while giving items a new lease of life.

When and where?

In line with Sustainable Fashion Week 2023, our swap shop will take place on Friday 29th September, 11am-4:30pm upstairs in St David’s Shopping Centre opposite TGI Fridays.

How does it work?

This event will be open to the public and anyone who brings an item to swap or donate will receive 1 token in exchange. You can then use this token to swap at no extra cost and will accept items for all genders and sizes.

Additional tokens may be given for designer and high cost items.

There will also be an option to donate to the Safe Foundation if you are unable to bring items. The Safe Foundation is Cardiff-based charity committed to improving the lives of some of the poorest people and communities in the world.

Please only bring clothing and accessories that are in a clean, useable condition. We currently cannot accept children’s clothing and accessories.

This event is in collaboration with Ethical Boutique.

Let us know you’re coming.