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LUSH Clothing Swap – Charity Pot Party
5 May 2023
Things to Do
LUSH Spa Cardiff
59-61 Queen Street Saint Davids Centre
CF10 2AT
LUSH Clothing Swap – Charity Pot Party

Lush is hosting a swap party allowing you to bring your old clothes and swap them for something new. They will also be raising money for a local charity “The Safe Foundation” through their charity pot scheme!

Swap Events are an amazing way to give your wardrobe a refresh sustainably. Bringing any clothes that no longer spark joy. Each item of clothing will be exchanged on arrival for a “swap coin”. You can then use these to swap with others and leave with a new wardrobe at no extra cost.


  • Standard Items = 1 swap coin
  • Designer or high value items = 3 swap coins
  • Smaller items (accessories) 3 items = 1 swap coin.

Staff will be on hand to value items, this will ensure everyone gets a fair trade!


Tickets for this event are free. However Lush do ask for a donation for the event to go towards their charity of the night. This donation also comes with an added goodie of one of their charity pot products.

Reserve a spot here.