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Meta vs Life
26 January 2024 - 17 February 2024
Things to Do

Meta vs Life

Did you ever want to make contact with the dead? Or did you ever wonder what the afterlife would be like? Well now is your chance!.

Meta vs Life is a unique hybrid experience that can be played online or in-person. Part immersive performance, part escape room, part murder mystery in which you, the audience, play as ghost hunters (in-person), or the recently deceased (online). Only by finding ways to work together will you solve the mystery of how the dead met their grizzly end. 

The living start their ghost tour at a secret location in Cardiff City Centre, before exploring hidden corners of the city. The ‘dead’ join us from their homes or work stations, in a 90s inspired game console afterlife, forever stuck in a pixilated 2D limbo…

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