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Tackling Exploitation: It’s everybody’s responsibility
15 November 2023
Holiday Inn
09:30 - 15:30
Castle Street Cardiff CF10 1XD
Tackling Exploitation: It’s everybody’s responsibility

The conference will highlight trends and the tactics employed by the gangs, the investigations South Wales Police and partners have undertaken and offer advice and guidance to the community on how they can respond when faced with such instances.

The following presenters will be in attendance

1) An input from Operation Hydrant the national subject matter experts around organised Child Sexual Abuse. They will outline national and Southern Wales trends around CSE, detailing cases they have overseen, including the tactics employed by the offenders in exploiting children, as well as good working practices that have assisted in producing positive outcomes for the community and the victims.

2) DI Geraint Higgins, Manager of the Cardiff Exploitation Team. Geraint is responsible for the operational response to Group based CSE in the Cardiff and Vale area. He will outline the teams work day to day, give examples of good working practices as well as observations around the tactics employed by local groups in exploiting children. His input will also delve into considerations for those in the business community when encountering such incidents, along with options in disrupting those involved.

3) DI Richie Weber is the regional lead for County Lines in Southern Wales and will outline the challenges facing the region, including examples of criminal exploitation investigations, the tactics employed by the gangs as they criminally exploit children which is likely to impact on the business community. He’ll also outline some of the preventative work in this area and some of the success stories as part of those ongoing efforts.

4) DI Kath Barry of the Cardiff and Vale Rape Investigation Team will outline an investigation which recently had a successful outcome at court involving a young female who was sexually exploited by a group. Cath will outline the genesis of the investigation, the challenges they faced and the methods used by to exploit the victim.

5) Insp Jeff Lewis the communities manager in Cardiff will outline the ongoing work taking place in the city to combat exploitation, including some of the services available in supporting the business community to tackling the abuse.

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