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FOR Cardiff and Heard Storytelling Search for ‘Proud’ Storytellers
<< Back Posted on 14th April 2023

By Emily Cotterill

Head of Projects and Engagement

FOR Cardiff and Heard Storytelling Search for ‘Proud’ Storytellers

This summer, in collaboration with Heard Storytelling,  FOR Cardiff are creating a trail of ‘living portraits’ celebrating people from the LGBTQIA+ community throughout FOR Cardiff area.

The stories will take listeners on personal and candid journeys around the theme of ‘Proud’. Visitors will be able to listen to true spoken stories, accessed via scanning a QR code on listeners phones. The stories will be accompanied by beautiful large-scale portraits of the storytellers, which are hosted in the windows of businesses situated across the city centre.

We’re looking for people from the LGBTQIA+ community to tell their stories as a part of the exhibition.

What does it involve? 

The exhibition will comprise of true spoken stories (audio only and approximately five to seven minutes in length) to accompany beautiful portraits of the storytellers. It will launch 16th June. The stories will also be shared on the FOR Cardiff website and via social media. 

The theme is Proud. Is there a significant moment in your life that links to that theme? It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your sexual identity, but it can be of course! They’re looking for life changing, life altering, life lesson moments. 

The spoken story will be told by the storyteller and one other person connected to them. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, a partner or a teacher – we are using two people to share their different perspectives of the same moment/story, in order to highlight connection and the impact we have on each other. 

Not a seasoned storyteller? No problem! Heard Storytelling will arrange a call to chat about your story (feel free to invite someone onto the call, as support, if needed). They will then support on crafting and recording it (approx. three hours in total). The recording will be done in person at a city centre location. 

They will also organise a portrait photographer to capture your image and that of your partner, family member or friend at a central location. 

We’re also looking for city centre businesses to host portraits and stories throughout the FOR Cardiff area. If your business has window space of at least 3m x 3m and would like to show your support for and solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community this summer then please get in touch.

To find out more get in touch with Emily Cotterill via