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FOR Cardiff Launches Training to Help Businesses Drive Carbon Reduction
<< Back Posted on 3rd October 2022

By Emma O'Donnell

Marketing and Events Manager

FOR Cardiff Launches Training to Help Businesses Drive Carbon Reduction

In partnership with Cynnal Cymru, FOR Cardiff are proud to offer a locally tailored Carbon Literacy course which focuses on what’s happening locally to reduce carbon emissions and highlights opportunities for businesses to get involved.

The course will help participants identify personal and business steps they can take to reduce their carbon emissions and will also provide an opportunity to shape FOR Cardiff’s wider work on environmental projects up until 2026.

More than just small personal changes, Carbon Literacy highlights the need for substantial change and supports you, as an individual, to have a cascade effect on a much wider audience – whether it’s in your workplace, community, school, university, place of worship, or another setting.

This course is primarily intended for FOR Cardiff member businesses however subject to availability there will be two places on the course made available to smaller city centre businesses that do not pay the FOR Cardiff levy.

If you’re unsure if your business is a FOR Cardiff member please contact us on to discuss.

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