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FOR Cardiff’s Response to the Development of the Old Library by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
<< Back Posted on 30th June 2023

By Emily Cotterill

FOR Cardiff’s Response to the Development of the Old Library by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

New details have been released about the plans for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD) to take on space in the Old Library on a 99 year lease from Cardiff Council.

FOR Cardiff are pleased to see this process developing as the exciting development directly contributes to a number of the steps that we asked Cardiff Council to take when we published Cardiff City Centre: A Manifesto in April 2022.

The development of a new RWCMD facility in the Old Library supports our call to prioritise long term safe sites for the full cultural and artistic spectrum and brings a neglected space back into interesting and productive use while helping to deliver some of the relevant actions of the music strategy.

We have worked with RWCMD on a variety of projects in the past including our City of Arcades exhibition ‘the Art & Soul of Cardiff‘ and the city’s bid to achieve the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation.

Having a RWCMD site firmly within the city centre, and in the FOR Cardiff area, will provide increased opportunities to collaborate and strengthen relationships between the cultural and business communities.

It is also pleasing to see the council’s continued support for finding a long term suitable home for the Museum of Cardiff. As per our original statement when it was announced that the museum was not being immediately removed from the Old Library, it is FOR Cardiff’s belief that the Museum of Cardiff is an important attraction and should remain in the city centre and we would be happy to offer our assistance where possible in ensuring that this happens.

We’re excited to welcome RWCMD into the city centre and look forward to working with them as FOR Cardiff members in the future.