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FOR Cardiff’s Statement on the ‘Fire Break’ Lockdown
<< Back Posted on 19th October 2020
Covid-19 Support

By Carolyn Brownell

FOR Cardiff’s Statement on the ‘Fire Break’ Lockdown

Throughout the first lockdown and since the city reopened the FOR Cardiff team have been engaging extensively with our members, across all sectors to assess the severity of the strain Covid-19 has put upon them and how we can support.

Whilst we would never question the science behind the Welsh Government’s decision to go into a ‘fire break’ lockdown, and we understand and agree that the safety of the public is paramount and must be the first priority, we do appeal to Welsh Government to consider the following points and make any necessary reassessments.

  1. The impact that this shut down will have upon the economy and the providing the right levels of further support for the full 2 weeks, particularly to those in the retail and hospitality sectors. The uncertainty about how and when they will be able to pay their staff, suppliers etc will be the final nail in the coffin for many businesses and leave the landscape of Cardiff as a very bleak one.
  2. Christmas is a vital time of year for many sectors and FOR Cardiff ask for clarification of when retail and hospitality will be able to trade and that an evidence-based approach is used. For example, eradicating the 10pm closure time and enabling businesses to have a 1 metre plus distancing rule rather than 2. Therefore, increasing the number of covers they can accommodate, and not demonizing sectors as the route of cases when data does not support this.
  3. Clarification on what happens if the Welsh Governments appeal to Central Government to bring the Job Support Scheme forward is unsuccessful.

As Wales’ capital city, Cardiff is crucial to the success of the country and we hope that Welsh Government hear and understand the severity of this situation both here in Cardiff and in towns and cities across the nation for the Welsh economy.