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Guerrilla Galleries: Pop-up Art in Cardiff’s Arcades
<< Back Posted on 4th June 2021

By Emma O'Donnell

Marketing and Events Manager

Guerrilla Galleries: Pop-up Art in Cardiff’s Arcades

Guerrilla Galleries is pilot project by Cardiff curators PALLET that aims to make art accessible by filling empty shop windows in Cardiff’s arcades with art from a range of local creatives.

Not content with traditional expectations of displaying art, PALLET are experts at bringing art to the public in unconventional and exciting ways.

From 28th May to the 1st of July, you will find PALLET boards dotted around Cardiff’s arcades showcasing work from a variety of local artists; from photography and portraits, to abstract and sculpture.

A pop-up like no other, Guerrilla Galleries may appear in any unrented unit within the arcades, so take a look around and explore.

FOR Cardiff have provided funding for this project to improve the look and feel of Cardiff post-lockdown.

Adrian Field, Director of FOR Cardiff says:

“Animating the city through ‘meanwhile uses’ of empty units is one of the key elements of our Covid-19 recovery plans and with projects like PALLET’s we can also help support the cultural sector, one of the worst hit during the pandemic. We hope visitors will enjoy this new addition to the City of Arcades.”

Guerrilla Galleries makes empty shop fronts look exciting; improving the appeal of units to potential tenants as well as making the city centre look more attractive to visitors.

The project also aligns with our plans to have a cultural focus in our second term. We plan to use art installations and public art to enhance Cardiff city centre and make art more accessible. Learn more about our pledge to invest in arts and culture by reading our 2021-26 Business Plan.

The project is promoted in collaboration with City of Arcades, a FOR Cardiff project which supports local businesses by raising awareness of Cardiff’s historic arcades and the unique shops, cafes and restaurants that operate within them.

Guerrilla Galleries aims to encourage people to re-engage with the city centre, explore the arcades and showcase Cardiff’s diverse creative community.

Follow PALLET and the City of Arcades to get updates on this project.