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NatWest 6 Nations Street Entertainment
<< Back Posted on 9th April 2018

By Carolyn Brownell

NatWest 6 Nations Street Entertainment

We understand that event days are a busy and vibrant time for certain business sectors but we wanted to make sure that excitement was felt in the cities streets as well! Over the March NatWest 6 Nations games FOR Cardiff delivered a series of entertainment to delight and entertain visitors. Based around The Hayes, Westgate Street, St Mary Street & High Street Hot Strings Cafe, the Kicking Cage, Fan Makeover, Comedy Coaches, Rugby Giants, Barracwda and Hapsley Hernias were welcome additions to the great atmosphere on a match day and something we’re excited to replicate at future events.

Thanks to the WRU who posted a video to their social media channels of the street entertainment which has been viewed over 170,000 times! Watch it for yourself here