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Statement Regarding St Mary Street Breakfast Run
<< Back Posted on 31st October 2019

By Carolyn Brownell

Statement Regarding St Mary Street Breakfast Run

The comment in a recent news article that FOR Cardiff is seeking to shut down The Wallich breakfast run is simply not true.

A petition was signed by 73 businesses on St Mary Street expressing concern about the anti-social behaviour in the area as trade is really suffering. We met with some of those businesses along with the council and police to garner their views. A range of ideas were discussed to work out ways to best manage anti social behaviour they have to encounter each day.

We recognise the enormous challenges facing people at risk of homelessness or who are experiencing homelessness in our city right now. We have been working with relevant charities across Cardiff for three years to offer our support to them.

Give DIFFerently and the more recent Homeless Charter was created to shine a light on the wealth of services provided to help combat rough sleeping across the city, as well as fundraising to provide essential grants for particular individuals at risk.

We are asking The Wallich to consider how best to continue their breakfast run whilst continuing to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all visitors, workers and residents of the city.

We remain committed to supporting The Wallich and other charities across Cardiff whose aims are to provide the very best support for those who are experiencing homelessness. As of this afternoon (Thursday 31st) we have arranged to meet with the Chief Executive of The Wallich  on Monday 4th November and look forward to a productive and positive discussion.

Adrian Field, Executive Director FOR Cardiff.