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The University of South Wales and Music Declares Emergency launch Wales’s first Future Generations Climate Convention
<< Back Posted on 2nd February 2024

By Abbie Dix

The University of South Wales and Music Declares Emergency launch Wales’s first Future Generations Climate Convention

A series of panels, keynote talks and showcase projects dedicated to empowering young people in climate discussions – in partnership with touring and sustainability consultancy, Soliphilia and with support from Creative Wales.  

The first Future Generations Climate Convention is taking place at the Atrium Theatre at USW Cardiff on Thursday 29th February with an inspiring array of speakers, from poets, set-designers, musicians to creative practitioners showcasing a diverse programme and one-of-a-kind convention experience. 

“I’m thrilled to share my poetry at Wales’s first Future Generations Climate Convention. My time as Poet in Residence for the Well-being of Future Generations Commissioner taught me the huge potential that creativity has to enact change. I’m passionate about empowering young people to use their creative voice in a vital time where the climate emergency threatens the future of Wales. ” Taylor Edmonds, Poet

“I’m absolutely gassed to be talking about navigating the world as an artist right now. I can’t wait to hear people’s thoughts on such an important topic” Lemfreck, Artist

This convention is set to be an integral part of the Immersed Festival 2024, offering an exciting platform for dialogue, learning, and showcasing innovative projects that highlight the breadth and depth of climate actions and storytelling within the creative industries. The aim of the convention is to create direct creative & professional pathways for young people to embed sustainable practices in their career and shape a greener and fairer future for Wales, embracing the festival’s overall theme of Future Utopias.  

“More than ever, it is essential that we engage and empower as many people as possible to rethink our ways of being, consuming and creating. When we started collaborating with USW & Music Declares Emergency for Immersed Festival we had a very specific goal: to give students the tools & skills to engage and develop sustainable practices while providing them with a creative platform. The Future Generations Climate Convention takes this goal further and demonstrates that young people deserve not only a right to a livable future but to be proactively part of the change & the solutions.” Pauline Bourdon Sustainability Consultant at Soliphilia

Discussions will encompass the influential power of images, how we can dress a stage with the planet in mind, the role of artists amidst current challenges, and the potential of AI and new technologies in fostering a sustainable transition. 

“I am honoured to participate at the first Future Generations Climate Convention to share my experiences working with AI art. Our climate future is not set in stone, therefore finding means to empower ourselves and each other to take action is vital. This has been a key driver for Anjunabeats collaboration with MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative. We examined how AI art can be a powerful tool in climate change communications, as it has the ability to create emotional and visceral connections with audiences. By using AI we can collaboratively create visually striking and thought-provoking art that can help raise awareness and encourage action on the urgent issue of climate change.” Anna Johnson, Anjunabeats

Running parallel to the Convention is a Creative Industries Careers and Networking Fair. This fair presents an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their work and extend opportunities for work placements. It serves as a platform for aspiring individuals within the creative industries to connect, gain work experience and explore potential career pathways. These events are part of Immersed Festival 2024 and a wider programme of fringe events running from 29 February – 7 March, including screenings of short films and Immersed TV broadcast, exhibitions, art installations, immersive theatre, a city centre mural, sustainable fashion projects and a live music showcase.  

 The festival’s main partner is Music Declares Emergency a non-profit organisation who uses the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future. They help artists and organisations to communicate and engage with the climate crisis under their powerful statement “No Music on a Dead Planet”.  

“It’s wonderful to be working with the amazing team at Immersed for a third year and seeing our partnership develop and deliver so much creative and impactful work. We believe in the power of culture to transform the way we see the world and create the hope and belief that is needed to make the world a better and safer place for all in the face of the climate crisis. Along with the talented students at USW, our work at Immersed has already created powerful images and messages that inspire people to believe in a better future. This year, the Future Generations Climate Convention will build on that work and put the voices of the future where they should be, at the centre of the conversation, to create a vision for a better, safer, greener planet for all.” Lewis Jamieson Director of Communications Music Declares Emergency