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As a business improvement district (BID), FOR Cardiff works hard to deliver improvements for the 750+ city centre businesses who fund us, as well as to the wider community in Cardiff. We view Cardiff as a modern European capital with a unique personality that we want to nurture. We want Cardiff to be a great place to come for business and for pleasure, but also a place for locals to be proud of.

Fel ardal gwella busnes (AGB), mae Caerdydd AM BYTH yn gweithio’n galed i gyflawni gwelliannau i’r 750+ o fusnesau yng nghanol y ddinas sy’n ein hariannu, yn ogystal ag i’r gymuned ehangach yng Nghaerdydd. Rydym yn ystyried Caerdydd fel prifddinas fodern Ewrop gyda phersonoliaeth unigryw yr ydym am ei meithrin. Rydyn ni am i Gaerdydd fod yn lle gwych i ddod ar gyfer busnes ac er pleser, ond hefyd yn lle i bobl leol ymfalchïo ynddo.

"Quite simply, we’re here FOR Cardiff – through our leadership, energy and influence, we aim to ensure Cardiff’s city is vibrant and welcoming; helping to attract greater footfall and encouraging investment."

Adrian Field (Executive Director)

We're here FOR Cardiff

FOR Cardiff is Cardiff’s Business Improvement District (BID).

We are a private, not-for-profit membership organisation which was voted for by the city’s businesses in June 2016. We began our first five-year term in December 2016 with an ambitious plan to transform Cardiff city centre.

Since then, we have collectively invested over £5.6million into making Cardiff more welcoming, vibrant, and influential through award-winning campaigns, projects, and initiatives.

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Your Business Improvement District

A Business Improvement District or ‘BID’ for short is an arrangement whereby businesses come together and decide what improvements they feel could be made in their city. BIDs are financed by businesses within a defined geographical area. Businesses situated within the defined area pay a fixed levy based on their rateable value to fund the BID and the projects it delivers. A BID term runs for a maximum of 5 years, after which businesses must vote on whether to re-elect the BID for another term.

FOR Cardiff was democratically elected in June 2016 to represent businesses in Cardiff city centre and deliver an ambitious plan to transform Cardiff by making it more welcoming, vibrant, and influential. FOR Cardiff is not a government or council body. We are an independent, business-led organisation working on behalf of our levy payers to deliver additional value and improve the city centre.

We operate within a defined geographical area across Cardiff city centre from Newport Road to Callaghan Square. Click here to view a map of our BID boundary. Businesses within this area with a rateable value of over £25,000 pay a 1% levy to FOR Cardiff.

Our members cover a diverse range of businesses from the professional, retail, leisure, and educational sectors. We represent a voice for businesses and through our energy, leadership and influence we aim to respond to the needs of our members and improve Cardiff city centre for all.

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Our Vision FOR Cardiff’s Future

We are approaching the end of our first term and in June 2021 we will ask businesses to reaffirm their commitment to FOR Cardiff and to improving the city centre through a vote to deliver a second five-year term. Following an extensive consultation with our members, we have developed a five year business plan which outlines the projects, campaigns and initiatives we plan to deliver over the next five years.

Delivering the Future FOR Cardiff Business Plan 2021-26 will launch on the 12th of May. This ambitious plan is what we’ll be asking you to base your vote on during the month-long postal ballot this June.

Therefore, it is essential that all members read this document to understand why you need to vote yes for another five years of investment and progress with FOR Cardiff.

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