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Internship Scheme Employer Feedback: Amgueddfa Cymru
<< Back Posted on 12th March 2024

By Abbie Dix

Internship Scheme Employer Feedback: Amgueddfa Cymru

FOR Cardiff works in partnership with the Student Futures team at Cardiff University to bring an internship programme to the city. This scheme helps to strengthen links between the university and local employers by offering subsidised paid placements to Cardiff students at FOR Cardiff member businesses.

Members can access funding towards the cost of employing a Cardiff University student or recent graduate for a placement this summer. The Student Futures team will work with you to develop a role profile, advertise the position to students and recent graduates, and help to sift applications if required.

Last year, Amgueddfa Cymru took on an intern for a successful summer placement.  Keep reading to find out more about their positive experience and how the scheme benefitted their business.

How did you hear about Cardiff University’s Work Experience Team? What motivated you to offer work experience placements?

We have a placement officer who was contacted by a member of the team. We are striving for a more diverse workforce, and we regard offering work experience opportunities as a key part of that.

How did you find the recruitment process and the support from the Work Experience Team?

The recruitment process was efficient and well-structured and overall, a very positive experience. The Work Experience Team provided clear instruction and essential timely updates and we felt supported by them throughout.  It was evident that they placed a strong emphasis on finding the right fit for both the candidate and Amgueddfa Cymru. We felt the process also fostered a positive culture for the best candidate experience.

Are you happy with the student (s) on placement? If so, what impressed you the most?

Amira has been an invaluable asset to our team during her 8 week placement. Consistently exceeding expectations and demonstrating a remarkable level of professionalism and dedication.  She is highly organised and has meticulous attention to detail.  Amira can also handle multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining the attention to detail which is truly impressive. High quality work was delivered consistently within tight deadlines and she demonstrated exceptional time management and prioritisation abilities.

Amira built fantastic rapport with the team in a short space of time due to her positive outlook and friendly demeanour. She has made an impact on our team and organisation and has certainly set the bar high for any future placement students.

I highly recommend Amira for any future opportunities in the museum sector or events industry and would gladly provide a glowing reference if required.

Why do you think that work experience is important for university students?

Work experience is important for university students because it allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-life situations, develop essential skills valued by employers, gain industry insight, build a professional network, enhance confidence and professionalism, boost their resume, and foster personal growth. It equips students with practical skills, industry knowledge, and a competitive edge in the job market, ultimately preparing them for successful careers.

What have you found beneficial about taking students on a work experience placement?

We have benefitted greatly from offering work experience placements. Having work experience candidates in the workplace can bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a willingness to learn, which can contribute to increased productivity and creativity within the team.  This has certainly been the case with the placement opportunity in question.

Why do you think it is important for organisations to host work experience placements?

The process also allows us to identify and assess potential talent for future job openings. Knowing that Amira would be a great asset to the organisation, we have already started discussions with her to join our casual pool of events staff who support delivery of our future programmes.

Work experience placements also provide us with an opportunity to expand professional network by connecting with educational institutions and building relationships with educators and career advisors. This can lead to partnerships, collaborations, and access to a pool of talented individuals for future recruitment needs.

Overall, offering work experience placements can be mutually beneficial for both employers and individuals seeking practical experience.

Was the opportunity remote working and if so, how have you found taking on a student on a remote working basis?

The opportunity was hybrid working with an approximate 20% of time spent working from home. Working with Amira to identify preferred working patterns and location was essential to developing a weekly plan.  It was evident that Amira enjoyed being on site and amongst Team members but also was grateful of the opportunity to work from home for more focused, research based tasks.

What advice would you give to an organisation considering offering work experience?

  • Ensure role descriptions are clear and responsibilities articulated well.
  • Invest time in induction and training to make the candidate feel comfortable and aware of support networks.
  • Provide candidates with a breadth of experience and opportunities so that they gain as much insight as possible into the organisation.
  • Remember that a Placement is mutually beneficial – with the right pairing, an organisation can benefit just as much if not more from a candidate’s input then they will benefit from the experience.
  • Be kind and remember how it feels to be on a work experience placement – be the essential rung that helps others up the ladder!

Would you recommend taking on a Cardiff University student for work experience in other departments? How likely are you to offer work experience placements in the future?

I would absolutely recommend to colleagues in other departments to embark on the process and we will without doubt as a team be seeking to provide future opportunities.

Click here to find out more about Amira’s experience as an Event Assistant at Amgueddfa Cymru.

Please email to find out more about the internship programme.