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Professional Development Opportunities in Cardiff
<< Back Posted on 15th February 2024

By Abbie Dix

Professional Development Opportunities in Cardiff

Professional development is the continuous process of learning and improving your skills in order to advance your career. Investing in professional development benefits both employers and employees.

For employers, encouraging professional development creates higher productivity and job satisfaction. You are likely to experience:

  • Higher retention rates: your staff are confident that their company is invested in their success and cultivating their advancement.
  • Attracting better talent: offering the benefit of professional development attracts potential employees interested in striving for excellence.
  • A heightened awareness of industry trends: these trends move rapidly and ongoing professional development prevents potential stagnation.

From gaining confidence in your abilities to building potential for advancement, professional development offers employees many benefits for not only your career, but your personal goals as well. You will:

  • Learn new skills: both job specific and personal.
  • Be more confident and credible: adding skills or certifications to your CV is a great way to boost your confidence and show potential employers you are a good candidate.
  • Advance in your career: your enthusiasm to seek out additional opportunities will grow as your confidence does.
  • Build your network: professional development can provide many opportunities for networking. These connections you make can lead to new opportunities.

Opportunities in Cardiff

Take a look at some of the best professional development opportunities on offer in Cardiff, suitable at any stage in your career journey.

Free Microcredentials Courses with The Open University

Microcredentials allow you to gain specialist knowledge to advance your career. They provide the perfect balance of workplace relevance and academic excellence. The OU offers a variety of microcredentials courses, free to anyone in Wales earning <£30k and not already in education. Find out more here. Applications for courses starting in March close on 26th February.

Personal Learning Accounts with Cardiff and Vale College

If you earn under £30,596 and meet other criteria you could be eligible for free training through a Personal Learning Account (PLA). Earn over £30,596? CAVC have a range of Digital and Net Zero Qualifications which are PLA Fully Funded and have no salary cap. View and apply here. 

University of South Wales Bespoke Programmes 

USW work with businesses and their employees to customise, design and deliver programmes that meet their individual needs. Their methods focus on experiential learning and collaboration to ensure new skills and knowledge are deeply embedded and routinely applied. Find out more.

FOR Cardiff Free Member Training 

We are pleased to offer fully funded accredited training opportunities to employees of FOR Cardiff member businesses. We offer a range of opportunities for personal and professional development from HABC Emergency First Aid at work to GDPR and Equality and Diversity training. Find out more.

In conclusion, professional development fuels individual and organizational growth, serving as a mutually beneficial endeavour for employers and employees. Cardiff offers a diverse array of developmental possibilities at every career stage. Seizing these opportunities contributes to a vibrant professional community, benefiting both employers and employees in the city.

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