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Cardiff Shop Fronts Transformed into Dynamic Art Galleries
<< Back Posted on 14th June 2023

By Abbie Dix

Cardiff Shop Fronts Transformed into Dynamic Art Galleries

Art is all around us, part of our lives whether we realise it or not. PALLET Arts wants you to take a moment and contemplate the ‘experience’ of art. How, even in spaces where we don’t expect it, Cardiff’s creative community shapes the beauty and dynamics of our city centre.

PALLET Arts is proud to announce an innovative arts project that will captivate the city’s residents and visitors alike. Over the coming months, PALLET will transform shop fronts throughout Cardiff’s city centre into vibrant art displays, showcasing a diverse range of genres and mediums. By transforming Cardiff’s shop fronts into art installations, the project aims to bring art to the streets, showcasing its integral part of people’s everyday lives. This exciting initiative also provides a platform for local artists to exhibit their work and gain exposure.

Partnering with FOR Cardiff, PALLET’s Guerrilla Galleries will grow across Cardiff, creating a city wide art exhibition. We invite everyone, from art enthusiasts to curious passers by, to explore the city centre and immerse themselves in this celebration of creativity.

Interim Executive Director of FOR Cardiff Carolyn Brownell said,

‘We’re thrilled to be supporting PALLET once again to make creative use of vacant spaces and provide local artists with opportunities to not only exhibit but sell their work. This is a great example of our City Ambition Fund being used to support our wider aims for the city such as activating public spaces and supporting arts and culture in the city centre.’

With the launch of their new website, PALLET will unleash the power of owning artwork. Featuring all the pieces displayed in their Guerrillas Galleries and more, this platform will bring together the wonder of experiencing art in person with the convenience of online shopping.

PALLET Arts is a dynamic arts organisation which believes that art should be accessible to all, breaking free from the traditions and expectations of gallery spaces and reaching the wider community.

For more information about the project, including participating artists, locations, and events, please contact , visit PALLET’s social media @pallet.cardiff, or explore their soon-to-be-live website.