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Chwarae Teg: Agile and Inclusive Work-The New Normal
21 January 2022
FOR Cardiff Member Event
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Chwarae Teg: Agile and Inclusive Work-The New Normal

Chwarae Teg is a charity inspiring, leading and delivering gender equality in Wales. They aim to create a fairer Wales where women achieve and prosper.

As part of FOR You Week, Chwarae Teg will deliver a free webinar on Friday 21st of January from 11am-12pm.

The webinar will focus on how the pandemic has hastened a seismic and permanent shift in how businesses structure and organise work. This change offers opportunities to deliver greater equality, while achieving a greater work life balance and enhanced wellbeing, but only if there is a focus on equity and inclusion.

Chwarae Teg spoke to many organisations and found that the key message was to avoid a one-size-fits all approach to workplace practices. Placing equity and inclusion at the heart of how we organise work will ensure everyone can thrive.

Learn more about Chwarae Teg’s research, and how businesses can implement the findings to create a more inclusive workplace, which supports wellbeing and promotes work life balance for all staff.

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This event is part of FOR You Week, a wellbeing programme exclusively for employees of FOR Cardiff member businesses that runs from 17th-23rd of January 2022. Log into The Card to book. If you work for a FOR Cardiff member business and are not signed up to The Card, you can so here.