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FOR Cardiff Wins Cardiff Life Award for City of Arcades Week Event
<< Back Posted on 28th February 2023

By Emma O'Donnell

Marketing and Events Manager

FOR Cardiff Wins Cardiff Life Award for City of Arcades Week Event

We are delighted to receive a Cardiff Life Award for City of Arcades Week – an event celebrating Cardiff as the City of Arcades with over 100 innovative events, discounts and experience.

The Cardiff Life Awards is the biggest annual award ceremony in Cardiff. It recognizes business development, innovation and community outreach.

Last year, FOR Cardiff won the Civic Award in recognition of its community-led initiatives and business support. This year, FOR Cardiff was successful in the Event category for delivering City of Arcades Week. The judges said:

“Cardiff’s arcades oversaw a tourism boom thanks to FOR Cardiff producing 106 events and offers, thousands attending the Night Market and businesses enjoying increased custom. An innovative scheme to attract footfall!”

Established in 2018 to promote Cardiff, City of Arcades is a brand that has won several national and international awards. FOR Cardiff aims to put the City of Arcades brand at the heart of its customer-facing campaigns, promoting the seven historic arcades as Cardiff’s unique selling point, attracting footfall and spend to the city.

Visit the City of Arcades website to find out more.