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Reporting on our Gender Pay Gap – 2022
<< Back Posted on 15th December 2022

By Emma O'Donnell

Marketing and Events Manager

Reporting on our Gender Pay Gap – 2022

On November 18th 2021 FOR Cardiff reported our gender pay gap for the first time. At that point in time our gender pay gap was -1.8% demonstrating that on average women at FOR Cardiff earn slightly more than men.

Since we last calculated our gender pay gap the FOR Cardiff team has been through a restructure and we’ve had some staff leave and new starters join the company meaning there was ample opportunity for our gender pay gap to move.

Our calculations show that as of November 18th 2022 the gender pay gap at FOR Cardiff was -4.9% meaning that once again women on average at FOR Cardiff are out earning men.

We’re pleased to know that FOR Cardiff continues to buck the trend when it comes to women’s pay and will continue to monitor our gender pay gap into the future.