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Equality City
<< Back Posted on 13th December 2021
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By Carolyn Brownell

Equality City

Over 2020 we saw the Black Lives Matter movement spread across the globe and awareness of the severity of the gender pay gap also repeatedly made headlines, with not enough progress being made. However, we also saw progress in the shape of Cardiff’s businesses supporting the 2019 Pride Cymru celebration and LGBTQ+ community.

Equality is not something people should need to campaign for, it should be a given for any member of staff in a business. During the BID 2 consultation, we heard some fantastic case studies from our members leading the way in this area.  However, there were also businesses who wanted to make changes, but needed support and guidance on how to implement these transformations.

Wales and its capital city have the responsibility to lead the way and foster fairer cities. FOR Cardiff wants to lead the way in making a wider commitment to equality, by collaborating with key stakeholders to ensure Cardiff is one of the UK’s first equality cities. In order to achieve this, we will work with our members to make a commitment to change, providing training and templates on how to implement these alterations.

If you have any questions, please email Carolyn Brownell, and/or Emily Cotterill,