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Overcoming Imposter Feelings – Interactive Online Workshop
17 January 2022
FOR Cardiff Member Event
Overcoming Imposter Feelings – Interactive Online Workshop
  • Do you sometimes feel you are not clever enough?
  • Constantly struggling with self-doubt?
  • Ever thought your success was down to luck rather than your ability?
  • Are you scared that one day your colleagues will find you out as a fraud?

If you are asking yourself these questions you might be grappling with Imposter Syndrome. Take heart, you are not on your own and there are ways to thrive despite it!

Want to build confidence, maximise your potential and feel ‘good enough’? Join this free interactive zoom workshop on Monday 17th of January at 12:20pm-3:45pm and learn what what Imposter Syndrome is, how it can emerge and how you can overcome it.

The session will equip you with evidence-based knowledge and some techniques to help you flourish as you face new opportunities and challenges within your career.

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This event is part of FOR You Week, a wellbeing programme exclusively for employees of FOR Cardiff member businesses that runs from 17th-23rd of January 2022. Log into The Card to book. If you work for a FOR Cardiff member business and are not signed up to The Card, you can do so here.