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New Projects Supported by the City Ambition Fund
<< Back Posted on 22nd November 2023

By Abbie Dix

New Projects Supported by the City Ambition Fund

FOR Cardiff’s City Ambition Fund is an opportunity for people, businesses, and organisations, who have an idea that aligns with FOR Cardiff’s aims to access funding and see their projects come to life.

The third round of City Ambition funding was launched in September and we are excited to now announce some of the new projects we will be supporting.

Radar Magazine 

Radar Magazine is an independent media platform, focused on sharing the stories of artists and creatives in Cardiff. They publish a bi-annual print magazine, run a Cardiff-focused Instagram page and deliver events of their own within the city centre. Radar’s content showcases the diverse range of voices and creatives in our city. Radar also promote the work of local businesses and venues that are creating a positive impact in our city.

With FOR Cardiff’s support, the Radar team are aiming to continue the growth of their platform, working with more artists and creatives, publishing a magazine with even richer content and building an online platform that represents voices from all corners of our city.

Cardiff People First, Learning Disability Guide for Businesses 

In partnership with Cardiff People First, architectural PhD candidate Mena Kasem is conducting research into how Cardiff businesses can become more accessible to people with learning disabilities by providing support and guidance on changes they can make, particularly related to design and architecture.

This research is informed by work that Mena has already completed engaging with people with learning disabilities and conducting walking interviews around the city centre. If you’re the owner or manager of a customer facing business like a shop, café, or restaurant then you can contribute to an accessible Cardiff city centre by completing this 10-minute questionnaire Learning Disability Guide for Businesses (

GALVANISE! ‘Get talking’ Media Trail

This is a dynamic venture aimed at catalyzing men’s mental well-being through compelling visual narratives. This three-month ‘takeover’ in the heart of Cardiff city centre is a collaborative effort between creative photographer Suzie Larke and, a dedicated online platform for raising awareness about men’s mental health and preventing suicide across Wales. With support from FOR Cardiff, this initiative debuts during Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month in November 2023, fostering dialogues on men’s mental health and suicide prevention within the Cardiff community.