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Nov 2021
  • breather bubbles - man giving a shoulder massage a woman wearing a covid-19 face covering
    Posted on 26 November 2021

    Two new ‘Breather Bubbles’ launch in Cardiff next month – for those people needing a moment of calm amidst the Christmas chaos. A new UK-wide survey conducted by FOR Cardiff revealed that 41 per cent of people feel anxious at the thought of crowds of Christmas shoppers, while 52 per cent said they would benefit…

  • equal pay day 2021 reporting on our gender pay gap FOR Cardiff
    Posted on 18 November 2021

    Today (18th November) is equal pay day – the day when on average women begin to functionally work for free due to the gender pay gap. FOR Cardiff have committed in our five year business plan to making Cardiff an Equality City and we recognise that a part of this work is to address equalities…

  • Amy Lame Night Czar for London speaking at the launch of the Cardiff Women's Safety Network
    Posted on 11 November 2021

    A new network of businesses and organisations designed to make the streets of Cardiff safer for women will launch at an event tonight with Night Czar for London Amy Lamé.  Recent statistics reveal that in the UK, 97 per cent of women aged 18-24 have experienced some form of harassment in public. While women in Cardiff have…

  • Posted on 5 November 2021

    Following the devastating accidental error where the works of artists Beth Blandford, Amber Forde and Temeka Davies were removed a few weeks ago FOR Cardiff & PWSH have agreed that FOR Cardiff will fully fund the artists to create three new pieces of art in new locations in Cardiff city centre in spring 2022. FOR…