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Posted on 13 March 2024 Place Marketing
Safety Campaigns
FOR Cardiff is dedicated to making Cardiff a safe place to live, work and visit. We work in partnership with businesses to transform them into ‘Safe Places’ – becoming part of an accessible, nationwide, network of…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Pinned Corprate Affairs
Procurement Charter
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted, more than ever, the importance of retaining spend locally, going beyond simply supporting your local greengrocer or florist. There is a complex regional economy supported by dense supply chains in the…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Pinned Member Relations
FOR Cardiff and Cardiff University Internship Scheme
Students make up a significant proportion of Cardiff’s population and make an enormous contribution to the economy, with students in 2019 generating £696 million of regional GVA. Working in partnership with the Student Futures team at Cardiff…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Pinned Member Relations
Free member training
Our fully funded training programme is one of our most in-demand projects, with hundreds of businesses saving thousands of pounds annually. We offer a wide breadth of courses will be available to your staff at zero…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Place Marketing
Give DIFFerently – A parnership apprach to homelessness in Cardiff
Give DIFFerently is a partnership approach to tackling homelessness in Cardiff between FOR Cardiff and existing homeless organisations and charities. People can donate directly to the Give DIFFerently Fund which is managed by Community Foundation Wales…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Member Relations
The Business Engagement Team
The Business Engagement Team are the key link between FOR Cardiff and the businesses who fund us. Their role is to make sure that levy payers are getting the best return on their investment. Read our blog to find out…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Place Management
Licensing Accreditation
We will continue to work in partnership with Cardiff Council as the Licensing Authority and South Wales Police in identifying and supporting the most appropriate means of raising standards through accreditation schemes as we have in…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Place Management
Purple Flag
Purple Flag is an international accreditation programme that aims to reward destinations that achieve excellence in the evening and night-time economy. Purple Flag strives to help create safe and thriving locations at night for all users.…
Posted on 13 February 2023 Place Management
Night Marshals
As one of the UK’s major event locations, Cardiff’s economy is heavily reliant on our hospitality industry, particularly the evening and night-time economy. A crucial part of the safe and efficient running of the city centre,…