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The Business Engagement Team
<< Back Posted on 13th February 2023
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By Carolyn Brownell

The Business Engagement Team

Consultation with our members in advance of the 2021-2026 business plan, demonstrated that businesses wanted more specialised and tailored relationships with the FOR Cardiff team. The Business Engagement Team are a direct response to that feedback.

The Business Engagement Team are the key link between FOR Cardiff and the businesses who fund us. Their role is to make sure that levy payers are getting the best return on their investment. Read our blog to find out more about the work our Business Engagement Team do to support our members.

Led by Business Engagement Manager Sophie Puet, each member of the team is responsible for a set portfolio of businesses, corresponding to their experience and skillset.*

With dedicated team members covering retail, night-time hospitality, daytime hospitality & accommodation, and the office sector/professional services, you can be sure that your assigned Business Engagement Officer has a good understanding of the issues that affect your business.

Taking this more targeted approach to business engagement has significantly improved our relationships with levy payers over the first year of BID 2. This year has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of levy payers who are unaware of the work that FOR Cardiff deliver on their behalf and the team will continue to work hard to develop these relationships.

To arrange a meeting with your dedicated Business Engagement Officer, please email

*Some of our larger strategic partners do not have an assigned Business Engagement Officer as their relationship with FOR Cardiff is managed by the senior leadership team, however, the business engagement team will always be happy to help out with day to day issues. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Please direct any further questions to Business Engagement Manager, Sophie Puet, and/or Emily Cotterill, Head of Projects and Engagement,


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