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The Card
<< Back Posted on 13th December 2021
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By Carolyn Brownell

The Card

Project Lead: Carolyn Brownell

Approximately 100,000 workers visit Cardiff city centre every day, and 40,000 of our members’ employees have The Card, which allows them to access discounts, events, and experiences.  We believe that The Card can be pivotal in the reopening and resurrection of the city centre, providing businesses with a vehicle to tap into new audiences and encourage workers away from their desks, counters and staff rooms, to experience the best that Cardiff has to offer.

One of the positive elements that came from the pandemic was people’s emerging passion for their community. People wanted to feel they were a part of something and wanted to see how they could reach out and meet their neighbours. We want The Card to grow to create a hub of activity and community for employees in the city centre. Other BIDs have created everything from choirs, to Olympic games and cheese tasting events, and we want to know what you’d like to see us deliver, to safely create a unique city-wide employee benefit for you and your staff.

To find out more about The Card and learn how to add an offer from your business click here.


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